This is the meetings plugin sample for the Webex JS SDK.

Each of the following sections within this sample perform specific actions that map to methods in the meetings plugin of the Webex JS SDK.

To find the exact logic performed by an action, please inspect the browser's developer console. We log in the console functions in this application that performs the selected action within the ./app.js file.

Basic Meeting Steps:

  1. Authenticate and register.
  2. Create a meeting.
  3. Get local media streams.
  4. Join the meeting.
  5. Add local media streams to the meeting.

Listen for media:ready event within your code to know when to set the srcObjects.


Before using the meetings functionality of the Webex JS SDK, the Webex JS SDK must be initialized using a valid token.

You may get test access token from our developer portal:

Once the JS SDK is has authenticated your token, it then must be registered as a device. Once these two steps have been performed, the meetings functionality of the Webex JS SDK should be available for usage.



Meetings Management

Create a Meeting

Active Meetings List

There are currently no meetings to display

Currently Joined Meeting

Meeting Controls

Once in a meeting utilize these controls to manipulate the meeting.

Please note that you must be a meeting moderator in order to lock or record a meeting.

General Controls

Get Media Devices

The first time the browser loads the webpage, media access permissions have not been set. Therefore, using a valid meeting object, invoke the getMediaStreams function. This will ask the user for permission to their microphone and camera. Once permission has been granted, invoke the getDevices function to get a list of media devices.

After the browser gets the user's permission to access their media devices, on subsequent web page loads any calls to getDevices will work as expected.

Source Devices

Toggling Sources


Meetings Devices

Current Device
No Device Selected

No Device Selected

Current Devices List
There are currently no meetings devices to display

Find Devices

Personal Meeting Room


Meeting Streams

Local Video
Local Screenshare
Remote Video
Remote Screenshare